Authentication Solutions

I have accepted a new position at work:

AVP, Authentication Solutions

As with most long-term jobs, the Product Owner stint has long since lost its romance.

That is not to say it was a bad job. But there’s only so much one can learn, and I was feeling the growing loss of interest. It was time.

I’m still with the same company, but I’m moving out of Marketing. I’ll be under Credit, working cross-functionally to integrate authentication software. It ties into Fraud-a new business segment for me. Sounds like a good CV addition.

And the large pay increase certainly sweetens the deal.


Middle School

I would be remiss to not mention the kid’s completion of grade school. Now with the official summer break, she is a middle schooler!



(Reposted from my prior domain.)

Alas, but a man must face his waning energy.  Six years ago I started this blog on my own server.  It was an experiment in maintaining an auto-prosaic chronology.  I’m happy to say it was successful.

But maintaining the server itself has proven exhausting, and while it has provided me many lessons, I must acquiesce to my age and accept that I now have more money than time.

I’m not upset with that shifting ratio.

So I am migrating this blog to a hosted service.  Its domain is at least now finally appropriate for the name of the blog itself:

All content will now be stored there.  Eventually the redirect will be automatic, and little change should be apparent to the end user regardless.

See you on the other side.