The Tenants of Cinematic Selection (rev. 052024-2)

αPWN, our satirically-named gaming group, gathers every Monday for a movie night. And just as no one can ever think of a gift they want for themselves on the spot, no one could ever think of a movie when the night arrived. And agreements were equally difficult. And it’s Monday so we don’t have the time to discuss this!

So I fell back on my workplace skills: if we’re not advancing a project and no one will agree, then we’ll have a meeting and discuss the approach ad nauseum until everyone agrees, or collapses from exhaustion.

The result: The Tenants of Cinematic Selection. Properly versioned, of course. And I will document it here in the holy archives of Ephemerality…for all time. Yeah, that makes sense.

Anyway, here we are as of 5/27:

Modifications to occur as loopholes appear.

I should write government policy on the side.


Authentication Solutions

I have accepted a new position at work:

AVP, Authentication Solutions

As with most long-term jobs, the Product Owner stint has long since lost its romance.

That is not to say it was a bad job. But there’s only so much one can learn, and I was feeling the growing loss of interest. It was time.

I’m still with the same company, but I’m moving out of Marketing. I’ll be under Credit, working cross-functionally to integrate authentication software. It ties into Fraud-a new business segment for me. Sounds like a good CV addition.

And the large pay increase certainly sweetens the deal.


Middle School

I would be remiss to not mention the kid’s completion of grade school. Now with the official summer break, she is a middle schooler!