Harvest 2023 – 3

So ends the 2023 growing season. Bittersweet, really, as I’ll miss it but I’d never garden to begin with if I didn’t have a seasonal break. Here’s some pics of the final crops:

I plan to make some kimchi, but that’s a lot of radish. Those were new this year. Everything else is properly stored or preserved for the winter.

Next up: more squirrel, I hope. Let hunting season commence!


Double Determinates

Who doesn’t love a home-grown tomato? Well, I’ve met people who don’t, but I personally think they’re not people but rather some type of The Omen devil-spawn, and no one can change my mind. I am fully prepared to debate this.

So to increase my production of delicious produce and repel demons at the same time, I planted a second row of determinate tomatoes this year, bringing the total to 18, and to compliment the 12 indeterminate tomatoes on the trellis, and the volunteers that pop up throughout the gardens, and the two extra I put in a pot on the deck. I really like tomatoes.

So standby for a selection of seductive solanums! (AKA, tomato porn):

Here’s a glorious picture!
And another!
And another!

On a more informational note, this was the first time I tried broiling the tomatoes for sauce. The standard blanching/skinning/de-seeding applies, but the flesh is then slightly browned before being added to the pot. I also included a full mirepoix this time too.

Before the stick blender
And after

I think the broiling somehow also brightened the red color, as my sauces are usually more muted, so bonus. I’ll definitely be taking this approach again.

I usually prefer rigatoni or radiotori for red sauce, but I tried bucatini this time

And I won’t have to wait long. In one week’s time, the bowl has filled again. Pizza sauce next!